50% of young people diagnosed and labeled with a psychiatric disorder fail to graduate from high school: Lavelle Prep provides the tools all young people need to succeed in college and beyond.

Young people who have been diagnosed and labeled with a psychiatric disorder are some of the most creative, talented, smart, sensitive, and good-natured young people you will meet. However, if they do not graduate from high school, they can rarely find meaningful jobs. Unable to support themselves, dignity and hope are lost. Often they have little choice but to turn to publicly funded benefits for survival.

A college education can dramatically change this picture, opening doors to meaningful work and contributive lives. The Lavelle Prep Charter School provides a unique, tuition-free pathway to success for the students of Staten Island and a model for educational reform nationally.

The Lavelle Prep Solution

(1) A rigorous academic curriculum integrating students living with mental or emotional challenges with their non-disabled peers will lead to an Advanced Regents Diploma and prepare all Lavelle Prep students for college

(2) A visual and performing arts curriculum will enable students to develop modes of creative self-expression, while serving as important tools for dealing with emotionally upsetting issues.

(3) A Wellness Curriculum will include a variety of skills training modules that will enable and empower students to self-manage the challenges they face.

Through this combination (often unavailable to special needs kids), they will succeed! It is the Lavelle Prep promise.

Results to Date

The reception and support Lavelle Prep has received thus far has been tremendous. Lavelle Prep has won the endorsement of the Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education and has been chartered by the New York State Board of Regents. Elected officials, concerned citizens, parents, and organizations have come together to donate their time, talent, money and support. But we still need your help!

Now as we gear up for a September 2009 opening, we need to raise $250,000 in order to successfully create the kind of program our children require and deserve.

Please help our children who are otherwise lost in the current public school system!

Given the right tools, treatment and support, a mentally disabled child can not only recover, but achieve extraordinary things.

Whoever you are and whatever your resources, you can help to make Lavelle Prep Charter School the solution!

* Become a Lavelle Prep Champion. Make the life changing commitment to give or get $5000. In exchange, we will provide you with the tools and support to succeed as a champion.
*Talk to everyone you know who might become champions. We will work with them.
*Make a donation now!

1. One reality: kids labeled "seriously emotionally disturbed" are lost in the current public school system.

2. Another reality: they have the lowest graduation rate of any disability group.

3. Nurturing self-confidence, self-advocacy, and self-determination in all students, Lavelle Prep will fulfill the college promise!

4. It is possible to live an incredibly successful, fulfilling life and to overcome the barriers of psychiatric diagnosis.

5. Lavelle Prep will serve as a model and beacon for programs nationally.