Despite recent improvements, Arizona still ranks poorly for the well being of children. As the legislature deals with a $2.6 b. deficit, tell them not to balance the budget on the backs of kids!

Because of Children's Action Alliance, Arizona’s children are safer and healthier. Families are receiving the resources they need to better care for their young children. Kids from working families have access to health coverage through KidsCare. Thousands more children are benefiting from safe, affordable child care. And fewer children are victims of abuse and neglect.

Yet much of the progress Arizona has made is threatened. The Arizona legislature may eliminate health care for thousands of Arizona children, reduce eligibility for child care that allows children to have a safe place to be and learn so they can enter school ready to succeed, and reduce access to vaccines that keep the public healthy and safe.

1. All children should have health insurance

2. No child should be raised in poverty or hunger

3. Every child should enter school ready to learn and succeed

4. No child endures the ravages of abuse and neglect

5. That struggling teens have the support they need to become responsible adults