To instill confidence in the girls and women in YOUR life by role modeling, mentoring and anything else that may inspire them to meet their life aspirations in a strong, healthy way - confidently!

Help her help herself! We Can, We Will, We Are!

- Find ways to role model for the women and girls in YOUR life! It starts with YOU!
- Think about your words, think about every action, every interaction and every reaction - what messages are you sending to the girls and women around you?
- Is your approach supporting confidence building, finding ways to encourage, finding role models to help demonstrate how to meet goals and create a presence as a female in our society positioned for success?
- Share your ideas, organizations, activities to help her help herself - what should we be doing?
- USE THIS CAUSE as your NETWork to help her help herself!
- Make a difference! Do something! Help her help herself!

1. You are a role model and have an obligation to the women and girls around you!

2. Practice creates reality! Help her help herself!

3. Make life achievable by validating the dreams and aspirations of the women and girls around you!

4. You Can, You Will, You Are able to make a difference, be aware and take action!