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First Crowdsourced Women's Health Book

Hello CureTogether supporters!

I wanted to send you advance notice of our upcoming book, "Vulvodynia Heroes: 190 Women Share Their Experiences and Treatments". It's the first crowdsourced women's health condition book, as far as we are aware.

Vulvodynia is a painful chronic condition that affects 16% of women at some point in their lives. It's one of our most active communities at CureTogether, with information about symptoms, treatments, and causes added by almost 200 women with vulvodynia.

Through this book we hope to spread awareness, reach out to people in pain who may not have heard of vulvodynia, and increase interest and funding for future research.

The most surprising thing for us was to learn how many women - 51% of respondents! - live with multiple, co-morbid health conditions, and what these conditions are. This opens up entire new avenues for research and understanding of how human bodies work (and don't work).

For more information about Vulvodynia Heroes, visit - I'd love your feedback!

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Alexandra Carmichael
[email protected]

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