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The 21 Things People Track at CureTogether

After the recent release of the “track anything you want” feature at CureTogether, a flurry of self-tracking happened. People started measuring themselves every day. They added new measures to track, some of which were wonderfully surprising.

Tracking happens right on the CureTogether home page after you log in, or using our iGoogle widget. Here’s the list of what people are tracking today:

* Adderall time (1 and 2, times drug taken)
* BMI (%)
* Blood pressure (Sys and Dia, mmHg)
* Calories burned (cal)
* Caloric intake (cal)
* Count my blessings
* Exercise (minutes)
* Hydration (%)
* Laughter (units)
* Meal time (1-4, time)
* Mood (units)
* Nap (min)
* Peak flow (units)
* Productivity (pages)
* Pulse (BPM)
* Sleep (hours)
* Sleep time (time)
* Temperature (degrees)
* Wake time (time)
* Walk/run (miles)
* Web-networking (hrs)

Anyone can add a new measure to track. Everyone can see the measures other people are tracking. You choose what to track for yourself and watch the trend graph change every day.

The question is, what do you want to track?

Spread the word to fellow trackers (or people who need to be trackers!), and get started at

Thanks, have a wonderful day!
Alexandra :)

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