day of action in Bradford

The racist EDL, who support Israel because of their fascist treatment of Muslim Palestinians, are due to come to Bradford on 28 of August. There is a day of action to publicise our celebration of multicultural Bradford on the same day. *We are…Read More

anti edl petition

the english defence league (edl) are a really racist organisation. They say they are only against extreme islam, and not muslims in general, but when they were baulked in Dudley a few weeks ago, they attacked Hindu temples. They are racists and fascists. Do…Read More

Bradford March for Gaza

There was an excellent march for Gaza in Bradford on Saturday. About 1500 people (not the 200 that the local paper estimated took part, which ended with a rally in Infirmary Fields. There were forests of Palestinian flags, and much chanting and singing. There…Read More

March for Gaza flotilla in Bradford

There IS a march in Bradford on Saturday, starting at 12 at Infirmary Fields on White Abbey Road, quite near Morrisons and opposite the New Beehive pub. If it's anything like the last one, it wil be large (for Bradford) peaceful and noisy. I intend to get…Read More

edl march in bradford

 The extremely racist and Islamophobic group, the so-called English Defence League intends to march through Bradford on March 20 2010. Their intention is to intimidate and provoke violence. They must be confronted and stopped, 'by any means necessary'! Check…Read More

vote! vote! vote! (anyone but the bnp!)

the more people vote for other parties in the election for the european parliament, the less likely the bnp are to get a seat. So vote, but pref for progressive parties who support the palestinians.

sign the petition against 'kettling'

Hey folks! please sign this petition, our lawful democratic rights to protest are being threatened by police brutality and heavy-handedness. This week a man died because of the tactic, and he wasn't even a protestor! It's…Read More
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