Has the war really stopped? I doubt!!

Asalam aleikum and hi all, The war has literally reduced but not stopped! The Gazans are still dieing with no food, no medicals, no shelter. The bombings has stopped for a while but the aftermath of the white phosperous and the bombs still remains. Lets put…Read More

Urge a Gaza ceasefire now

There is a severe humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and, without a ceasefire, the situation will only get worse. Already, hospitals in Gaza are without fuel and necessary supplies, and families are without food, water, and heat. Four out of five Gazan families…Read More

Suratul FATH'H

Asalam Aleikum, Hi all, Dear all, I want to thank you all for joining and inviting your friends. We are one. Dear one pray to the Lord to help these people . For the muslim members please Tonight please read Suratul Al Fath'h and read 3 times LAILAHA ILA…Read More


Thank you all for joining the cause. Please create awareness, invite your freinds. lets free palestine and help show we care
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