NEW -- Updated Flyers, Posters and Info. to Help Defend Israel

Israel needs your help now more then ever. Check out/download our updated materials.

Check out our updated pro-Israel materials!

Region specific posters/flyers -- including our special rally poster Activists Guide for Israel Growing anti-Semitism at anti-Israel…Read More

Pro Israel Rallies This Weekend!

Make sure you've got everything you need: Posters/flyers -- including our special rally poster Activists Guide for Israel Info. on the growing campaign of hate against…Read More

Check out our new and updated Israel Guide for Activists! Our Guide for Activists is a one-stop resource for those who want to “do something” to support Israel. * Background about the key events in Israel’s history. * The essential points you need to know to challenge…Read More

Download our FREE Posters

We've developed a package of materials ready for you to use as posters, flyers, handouts and notices. Use them everywhere to spread the message about why Israel is fighting back! *Put them up in your dorm room *Hand them…Read More

Stand Up For Israel! Sign The Petition

Over the last few days we have been working hard to push back against the unjust, unfair, but sadly all-too-expected criticism of Israel as it works to protect its citizens from Hamas’ terror. Israel needs your support now. Click here to…Read More
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