General Buhari For Live.

My dear friends,hope all is well,if so thanks to Almighty God. Election has come and gone,yes Almighty God has destined GEJ to be declare as the winner of the election,thanks to him.But the question is,what did we learn from this election,two things,knowing…Read More

Please vote and protect your vote.

Dear friends,the judgment day is here,a defining moment in the history of this country.please after voting be patient,make sure you witness the counting,announcement of result,and make sure they pasted the result at the polling unit,insist on that,follow your…Read More

Please teach our fox how to thump print the ballot papers.

My dear friends,please come out in mass to vote Muhammadu Buhari on saturday,cause is the only window we have to un-seat the ruling party.And very importantly,know how to thumb print accurately and educate your fox,the number of invalid ballot papers is on…Read More


Ladies and gentlemen of this noble cause,its obvious that some un-patriotic Nigerians have once more again sold the future of this country,by so-called endorsing the same political party that kidnapped the economy and the future of this great country of…Read More


Breaking news: Jonathan and shekarau in a secret meeting on how to defeat Buhari bcz they know he's a good man that can bring changes to nigerian people and Jonathan promises Shekarau that he will give him 1% out of 3 on presidential seat. And all the ANPP…Read More

Door to door campaighn and chat with Muhammadu Buhari with members of this cause.

Fellow members of this noble cause,let me use this oppoutunity to extend our warm thanks and appreciation for the very good job all of us deed to uplift the tantacles of this cause.Now is the right time to practiclise this support to engage in door to door…Read More

Contribute any idea you think will uplift the tantacles of this cause.

Dear members of this cause.I want to use this oppourtunity to express my join and appreciation for the popularity this cause have achieved in Facebook because of u all,dont underestimate this one or two click on ur keyboard,because this can change this…Read More
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