I have a question

Is their a chance for peace. I am hoping but lets be real here. A snow ball has a better chance of serviving hell then their is to peace. But still am I the only one to be an optomist here? Please talk it over.

Cause now has a plaece to send your donations

Hi all members! I just got a green light to have Red Magen David. I hope you will donate some (I will aswell) May you all be safe.

A change

I have Now decided that Mr. Majors and Ms. Elizion will henceforth be administrators due to the lack of time on my part and since we are to big for me to handle on my self.

This cause is now big

Hi all members! I am now in search for an other person who can help me to administrate this since it's getting hard to do all you self. So I would like if you all could vote for one or more administrators to give me a hand so we can grow even bigger.

Hi all member

Thank you for joining this cause. I have as jet not found a place to send our efforts and donations to. I am in contact with Red Magen Adom. But it takes alot of time so I ask all of you just have a litle patiance that all for now. Btw I hope the Shabbos was…Read More


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