VOTE TODAY and EVERY DAY!!! Bring $25,000 to Michigan!

Vote NOW to help educate public school students about Michigan's art history | Pepsi Refresh Everything

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Today and every day this month, please go to and vote to fund our Michigan history education program. This is your chance to do something for the greater good without using much time or effort.

I need your vote TODAY!!

Its time again for Ignite Lansing and I have requested a spot to make a presentation, but I need your help. Please vote for the topic EVERYBODY VISIT LANSING. The voting closes TODAY,so DO IT NOW!! You can cast up to 3 votes, and then come watch the…Read More


 We have blown pass the 100 member mark with the help of enthuiastic new members. Thanks so much to everyone for putting us out there. Keep it going, only 894 to hit 1000!   Joy Gleason Cause Creator

New Video!

A new video has been posted to the website. We hope that this makes it more plain what the goal is for Heritage Park. Please take a look and post your feedback in this forum. Thanks for caring.

Strength in numbers

The Heritage Park Creation Fund has entered a contest to recieve a revamped website that is choosen by popular vote. Please help out by following the link and voting 5 stars for us. EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!!


A new 3 question survey has been added to the home page of the website. Please visit and fill out the survey as we need to use the info during this planning stage of the project. Thanks so much for your intrest and…Read More
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