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Think globally and consume does matter.


We are now 450 members strong. My goalis to link this site to local and national political groups and agencies. I think they do not know just how deep the recession has hit us. My business in January is down 30%. I know it is January, but I am talking down…Read More

just the facts, m'am

Survival: No bail-out, no loans for us small business peeps Sunday, January 4, 2009 at 10:24pm | Edit Note | Delete Just a point of information, since information seems to be the critical piece missing in the news coverage of this historic economic…Read More

Supporting your local small businesses

I want to thank each of you for joining. Seriously. It's really about information. In this economy, we are just one bad business month or week away from failuring. Every customer thru the door means hope and employment for all of us. It is that simple. No…Read More
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