Thank you for praying for Baby Brygette!!!

Brygette is now off meds for the first time in her life!!! She is doing incredible!! She went to Sunday School this week without a mask!! We are celebrating Brygette's life April 22nd, 2012 at the Ferndale Banquet Hall in Barrie from 2-8 pm. Bring your…Read More

Brygette's 4th Birthday and Christmas!!

Blessings, blessings, blessings!!! We could not ask for more!!! Brygette has now been home for over a year and thrives!!! She has been almost completely cured since her transplant and continues to heal everyday!! She recently underwent surgery to reconnect…Read More

Happy New Year!

It's been six months since Brygette's bone marrow transplant and she is doing spectacular!! We couldn't be more thrilled or grateful for what this has done to our sweet little girl!! She is practically running everywhere!! Literally! She is a real trooper and…Read More

Leaving the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit!!!!

Well, what a journey!! It's still far from over but Brygette has once again shown us how to fight!! She has accepted her bone marrow perfectly and continues to become her mischeivious little self daily!! She had a few set backs after transplant with respect…Read More

2 Weeks Post Transplant

It's been just over 2 weeks since Brygette's transplant and she is doing fantastic!! She had a couple of rough weeks afterward with an infection and a virus. Also, her liver was causing a little problem but she has quickly overcome these issues. Today, she…Read More

Brygette's new beginning!

Brygette had her bone marrow transplant yesterday July 15, 2010 on her great great grandfather's 98th Birthday!! She did remarkably well!! They did give her some meds to try to sedate her and benedryl for any reactions but with benedryl, she sat up through…Read More

One Week to Admission for Transplant

Well, we've been very busy and just haven't updated....we are now one week away from admission for transplant. Brygette's donor has finished his physicals and bloodwork and has now signed off. Thank God for this man!! Whoever he is, he's an angel!! We will be…Read More
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