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Give Gaza children the gift of books

During this season of giving, consider making a donation that will teach and inspire. Help put thousands of books in the hands of Palestinian children.

A shipment of 11,000 donated books is ready to be sent to the Gaza Strip. All the books are in English and were requested by the recipients. The books consist of sets of the World Book encyclopedia, atlases, reference books, and books covering science, history, anatomy, English, and fiction.

We have raised 10% of the $10,000 required to send the books. We need to raise the remaining $9,000 by the end of this month.

Each dollar donated to this campaign will pay for one book to reach Gaza. A donation of $20 will send a complete set of the World Book encyclopedia. No amount is too small. $10 will pay to ship 10 books. To ensure that children in Gaza receive these books, please consider making a donation.

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