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Show your care and start helping the children of Gaza!

Dear all,
You know that a ceasefire in on right now in Gaza, that means that this is the tome to start rebuilding what Israeli forces has destroyed .. So many people with good intentions started fundraising for the people of Gaza, one of them is my friend ‘David Califa’ from ‘www.’ network!
He created a special action cause for the children of Gaza:

My friends,
We have seen the what happen in Gaza, death and destruction for everything, we cried a lot for the children of Gaza hoping that we may got an opportunity to help them, we went out in manifestation to tell them that we are with you! We were with them by our hearts, and it’s time now to be with them with what we can pay of money for helping them to recover again! So please go ahead now and join the cause, bearing in mind that this is not a 'I clicked my mouse – did my thing' cause, no, there we have to open our hearts AND our wallets for the poor children of Gaza.
Please give 10$, 25$, 100$ or more, but if you can't give but one dollar then give it showing that you care, knowing that this cause have guarantees from UPA that all the funds will reach the children.
With your help and your care children in Gaza will have their life back and even better in a short time .. So don’t stand up there folding hands!
Join now, donate and invite your friend to join and donate .. Time is not on our side and definitely not on the children's side.

p.s.: Please share this announcement with all of your friends and ask them to share it, let’s make this the biggest and fastest campaign in facebook for this noble reason!

To the peace and freedom for people of Gaza,

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