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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that the Band of Parents
store is up (the Band of Parents is an organization that raises money for neuroblastoma research and treatments). The website is

There is also a regular website for the Band of Parents: From this site you can learn about what the Band of Parents does, you can get the latest children's neuroblastoma news and you can find links to other fundraising websites.

The final and biggest thing we have been trying to promote is the celebrity cookie sales. Starting in about a week or two, the Band of Parents will be selling cookies made by celebrity chefs. Rachael Ray, Emeril, and all the Food Network chefs will be pitching in to PERSONALLY (as in they will be rolling the dough and cutting the cookies with their own hands) make over 96,000 cookies and sell them to fundraise for the Band of Parents. These cookies will be made from several BRAND NEW recipes that will be coming out in the new Food
Network cook book soon. They will go on sale for about $30 dollars a dozen. Now, I know this is a bit pricy, but many people will pay about this much to get a basket of cookies from Cookies by Design, so why not make the money worthwhile? The cookies themselves only cost about $1 to make, so $29 dollars of every box you buy will be going to the
Band of Parents, and all $29 dollars are tax deductible. So, really, this is an AWESOME project, and we hope to be able to get the word out there and really sell a lot of cookies. There will be an official website for the cookie sales up soon, but before that they should be getting announced within a couple of days on,, and the Food Network on television.

So, I wanted to ask a favor of you all and ask you to spread the word to as many people as you know. The celebrity cookies would be a great thing for companies to buy for their employees (and it's tax deductible for them). There are also some really great things on the Band of Parents store website and on some of the websites linked to the Band of Parents website (there are some absolutely GORGEOUS pieces
of jewelry that are being sold to benefit the Band of Parents).There is also another jewelry website-, and a website for the Loneliest Road Campaign-, which has some awesome
videos about neuroblastoma on it. So please, spread the word, get the information out there, you will be doing us a HUGE favor.

Brianna Melgar

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4. The Epicurious Website (Also For Cookie Promotions) -
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