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Best Organization for Donations

I know that this cause is linked to the CNCF (as its donation destination) but another really big organization is the Band of Parents. They are the actual board of parents of children with neuroblastoma- they specifically seek out new and innovative cures and treatments for neuroblastoma and work to make them available (availability is more of a problem than you would think- many children have died because the treatment that could have kept them alive was not government certified yet, or because they the producer of the drug or the hospitals admininstering the treatment(s) was (were) not willing to take the financial or legal risk of allowing the treatment, even if the parents wanted it and there were no other options). So, although the CNCF is a GREAT organization, the Band of Parents needs the immediate money to find cures for their children, because every day that they keep their child alive is another day that money may come in to advance a treatment that could save their child's life- in this situation literally every hour and every dollar counts. If you would like to find out how to donate to the Band of Parents please check - the site is currently still under construction and is being changed, but it is full of information. (Because the Band of Parents is not yet on the list of benefacting organizations on the site that hosts "Causes", it is not currently our benefactor. However, it should be added to the list soon and at that time this cause will be switching from the CNCF to the Band of Parents- if you would still like to donate to the CNCF after the switch, there are still many other causes that support the CNCF, like the "Cure Childhood Cancer" cause).

Thank you so much for all of your support and remember to keep the children with neuroblastoma (including my brother, Austin) in your prayers, they need all the help they can get.

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