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Fundraising Correction

I am posting this message to correct an announcement I made earlier. I turns out that there are two cookie fundraisers for the Band of Parents and CNCF.

One is through a celebrity auction website. The website auctions off things like lunches with celebrities for charities. I believe that we are auctioning off a lunch with Justin Timberlake, a lunch with Gwyneth Paltrow, and dozens of baskets full of cookies made by Emeril, Rachael Ray, and your other favorite Food Network chefs (there are several other things being auctioned as well- all benefit the Band of Parents and the CNCF). The URL for this auction website will be announced soon.

The other cookie fundraiser is through the French Culinary School in Manhattan. This is the fundraiser where they will be making over 96,000 cookies, all made by top students at the prestigious cooking school, and selling them to benefit the Band of Parents and the CNCF. (Prices to be announced). The website is

Check it out!

Brianna Melgar

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