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Milestones Walk Message 2

After just 9 days, we are beginning to call it the Virtually
Amazing Walk for 12,500. Across the country, over 80 teams are gaining momentum in the CureSearch Virtual Walk for

We are not there yet. We only have 21 days to go. We need
to show the strength, passion and commitment of the community supporting childhood cancer research.

Please encourage at least 5 friends to show their support and hold the hand of a child with cancer by joining you in the Virtual Walk for 12,500. If you have already created a team, thank you so much!

This is truly a grassroots campaign your campaign. Send a reminder email to your contacts today and again
next week.

Help us reach 12,500!

Together, we can do it.

Track the progress at

National Childhood Cancer Foundation
4600 East West Highway, Suite 600
Bethesda, MD 20814-3457
(800) 458-6223 (Toll Free, U.S. and Canada)

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