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MileStones - The CureSearch Walk for Childhood Cancer

Want to change your life? Talk to a child with cancer.

Want to honor a child with cancer? Join the Virtual Walk for
12,500 during September National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Ask anyone who has heard these words, "sorry your child (your brother, your sister, your grandchild, your nephew, your niece, your classmate, your friend, your neighbor, your student) has cancer" and they will share with you stories
of strength, courage, hope, and about the urgent need for a
cure. Children with cancer change our lives and our

For many more than 12,500 reasons, CureSearch is launching a national campaign for September: The Virtual Walk for 12,500. The Virtual Walk for 12,500 is an online effort to unite people across the country and around the world in the fight to conquer childhood cancer.

A contribution of $10 will honor one child and help us reach our goal: One individual virtual walker for all of the 12,500
children diagnosed each year.

One Goal. One Month. One Person can Make a Difference in the Lives of All Children Diagnosed with Cancer.

Money raised through this event will support the lifesaving research of the Children's Oncology Group. The Children's
Oncology Group (COG) is the largest pediatric cooperative cancer research organization in the world. All of the leading
children's hospitals across the US and Canada are COG member institutions. Together, we are committed to conquering childhood cancer through scientific discovery and compassionate care.

The path is ready, the goal is set.

Reaching our goal of 12,500 will only happen with your help.
Please join us today.

It won't be easy. We need you to spread the
word. Send an email to all of your contacts today and again next week. Help us reach 12,500!

Join the Virtual Walk for 12,500.

We can't do this without you.

Want to share your reason?

Create a “One of the 12,500 Reasons to Walk” video and send the link to [email protected]. We will post the videos on
our YouTube Channel: and share on our blog page:

Walk for One!

Track the progress:

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