Milestones Walk Message 2

After just 9 days, we are beginning to call it the Virtually Amazing Walk for 12,500. Across the country, over 80 teams are gaining momentum in the CureSearch Virtual Walk for 12,500. We are not there yet. We only have 21 days to go. We need to show the…Read More

Milestones Walk Message 1

MileStones - The CureSearch Walk for Childhood Cancer Want to change your life? Talk to a child with cancer. Want to honor a child with cancer? Join the Virtual Walk for 12,500 during September National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.…Read More

Childhood Cancerline Message 1

Childhood Cancerline September 2008 Leadership Message Marking National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a time setaside to raise…Read More

Best Organization for Donations

I know that this cause is linked to the CNCF (as its donation destination) but another really big organization is the Band of Parents. They are the actual board of parents of children with neuroblastoma- they specifically seek out new and innovative cures and…Read More

Fundraising Correction

I am posting this message to correct an announcement I made earlier. I turns out that there are two cookie fundraisers for the Band of Parents and CNCF. One is through a celebrity auction website. The website auctions off things like lunches with celebrities…Read More

CureSearch Executive Director's Message for Winter 2007

> November 2007 > > Executive Director's Message > > Gratitude, Good News and Greetings for the Holidays! > > Read Stacy's message> > > > COG Research > >…Read More


Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that the Band of Parents store is up (the Band of Parents is an organization that raises money for neuroblastoma research and treatments). The website is There is also a…Read More
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