Inspirational Messages for Breast Cancer Victims

We all know someone, a mother, daughter, sister, friend, who has been affected by breast cancer. We also know that it's a tough battle. Members on Causes are getting together to share inspirational quotes and words of encouragement for those who are…Read More

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Dear Breast Friends, First off, let me say how surprised and happy we are about all the support this cause has gained! Over 100,000 members and still growing. How amazing! I never would have dreamed of reaching this many people with my cause but you all have…Read More

Thank you!

I just want to thank everyone for joining me in the fight! Together we will find a cure to breast cancer!!!!! I will never quit fighting. Keep sharing your stories. Keep sharing your love! Love your BREAST BUDDY, EMily Mason (in honor of Tamarra Ann Christian)

Thank you!

On Chistmas day I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself.. thinking about how much I have been missing my best freind. So I decided to start my cause and start my blog in honor of her. She would not want me to sit around and be sad she would want me to…Read More

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