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Fly The Flag For England & St George!

Earlier in the year, a team made up of National Council members of the Campaign for an English Parliament set about climbing to the top of Scafell Pike. The reason? To fly the Cross of St George, the flag of England from the highest point in our great nation, the roof of England!

Our intention is to encourage our fellow country men and women to also fly the flag of England from other prominent or historic parts of the country (or even just in the street where you live) in order to show the British Government, the rest of the UK and the whole world that England IS a country in its own right, with its own heritage, national identity and desire to be recognised.

If you wish to take part in this venture, we ask only that you capture the moment, with either a still photo or movie footage, and send your images/clips to us at:- [email protected]
Let's show everyone that regardless of whether you are from the North, South, East or West of England, that we are proud of our nation and all that makes England a green and pleasant land!

To see the footage of our own effort at the top of Scafell Pike, please click on the YouTube link below...


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