Accepting Donations

We have established a link to JASA (Jewish Association for Services for the Aged) to accept donations for this cause. The great thing about this is that nearly 100% of all money donated will go DIRECTLY to help seniors keep their pets, by providing funds for…Read More


I spoke to the official fundraiser at JASA, and they're very interested in helping the cause. And that's because a special part of JASA is already dedicated to helping seniors with their pets. For more information about their work, please see…Read More

This cause

Well, I'm only a month on Facebook, but some of this stuff is pretty cool. I created this cause and in just a week there's 50 members, so thank you all for recruiting. But it seems to me that a cause without action is pretty worthless, so my homework for…Read More


Four people signed up already and the thought to do this only occurred to me today. I've got to find a way to work with a non-profit to accept donations that can go directly to local seniors who need help. Any ideas appreciated... Phillip

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