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Royal Commission Report

With the recent release of the Royal Commission Report, I hope the appropriate action will be taken against the actors. I would first suggest that Mahathir be charged for treason !

The Winds of Change has arrived

I wake up to a New Malaysia today. But it's my hope that the opposition themselves will not be intoxicated with the new power and end up doing a Pas when they were in power at terengganu (1999 - 2004). This election results should be a wake up call for BN.…Read More


To all, Pls vote for a change. Enough is enough!

Parliament dissolved

Dear members of Correct, correct, correct. Kindly take note that Parliament is dissolved. Please do the necessary by voting in a government with some logic, honesty and higher standard of morality have a good day. regards, richard wee

Royal Commission formed for Mr. "Correct, correct, correct"'s video. Do you think this Commission can expose the dark secrets of the Judiciary??

Corect Correct Correct, Part 2

Like a scene in a Bollywood movie, the plot thickens. See this posting:-
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