Tibet's Dying Water is India's Nightmare (Students For A Free Tibet, Protest during Chinese Premiere Wen Jiabao's Visit to India)

Chinese Premiere Wen Jiabao visited India from 15 to 17 Dec 2010. Members of Students For A Free Tibet- India took this opportunity to highlight Tibet Water issue as a serious problem for India and other down stream nations in the press and to the public. Few…Read More

Dear Comrades

I am glad to have Mr. Dorjee Tsering an activist currently working with many other NGOs in promoting Justice and Human Right all around the globe to lead from here. I am sure with his insights and resources, we will be able to put our cause on larger platform…Read More

Brace yourself.

After series of blatant lies by the Chinese govt about upcoming dams on Brahmaputra river, they have finally played hard balls revealing about the dam which will harm the lower riparian states of India and Bangladesh. And they want us to believe that there…Read More

A Word of some relieve from PRC's mouth piece 'Xinhua'

During a seminar which was co-organized by the China Institute for International Strategic Studies, a non-governmental think tank, and the Hong Kong-based Michael Eric Bosman Hotung Foundation, a non-profit organization, China assured the audience of 100…Read More

Water Transfer project and its implications

Brahmaputra river: It is the largest river on the Tibetan plateau, originating from a glacier near Mt. Kailash. It is considered to be the highest river on earth with an average altitude of 4,000 meters. It runs 2,057 kilometers in Tibet before flowing into…Read More

World Water Day 22nd March 2009, "Shared Waters, Shared Oppurtunities"

Under the theme "Shared Waters - Shared Opportunities," this year's World Water Day highlights trans boundary rivers and the need for cooperation between countries and regions to ensure adequate supply of freshwater. In 60 years, there have been nearly 300…Read More

Thought for the day

"There is enough in this world for everyone's need but not enough for everyone's greed" -M K Gandhi
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