Action training opportunity for Youth!

‘Power Shifter’ is a 3.5 month long action training program, where 100 youth in 10 groups will be trained and mentored to carry out actions aimed at promoting and advocating for clean and renewable energy solutions.” APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 5th,…Read More

Research assistant needed for Snow leopard conservation PhD research

This is an exciting opportunity to take part in a University of Cambridge PhD research project. The study will examine human conflict with, and attitudes to, snow leopards Panthera uncia and snow leopard conservation in Sagarmatha National Park and Annapurna…Read More

Footage of snow leopard in the wild

Footage shows a snow leopard in the mountains of Qinghai Province, China. The images were captured on infrared cameras by wildlife photographer Matse Rangja, who has only managed to film the leopard once before in eight years. Snow leopards are rarely seen by…Read More

The life in Himalayas

Mugu: The Conscience of Karnali ( is a documentary that brings to light  the life of people living in remote communities of the Himalayas in Nepal. It tells the story of Dolphu, a village in Nepal that has no…Read More

The first ever video of a den site with cubs !!!!

On June 21st, 2012, a team made a remarkable visit to the den sites of Anu and Lasya. These two females are part of our long-term ecological study and wear GPS tracking collars that help us identify their movements. With this data, we can learn critical…Read More

Teenagers become Monitors for Snow Leopard Conservation

High in the Nepalese Himalaya, teenage students are monitoring wildlife in their community. They have made a surprising discovery. Dr. Som Ale, Regional Director with the Snow Leopard Conservancy has been leading an effort to alleviate conflict between local…Read More

Snow Leopard in World Challenge

CHANGING SPOTS MONGOLIA Mongolia's Snow Leopard Enterprises is an income-generation project that helps people living in poverty increase their standard of living, and at the same time protect their local ecosystems. They provide women across Central Asia with…Read More
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