This beautiful and elusive animal, also know as the queen of the Himalayas, is a flagship species with immense cultural, biological and potential economic value in the Himalayan region of Nepal.

I have been involved in researching Snow Leopard conservation issues since the last 5 years. During my research works, I realized vulnerability that this important and magnificent species face- a little delay could result in their extinction. Now, we need to direct concrete efforts towards their conservation. Linking Snow Leopard and Tourism could enhance local support. Furthermore, the religious and cultural forces that have helped the conservation of Snow Leopard cannot be overlooked. We at the moment are working to develop and promote sustainable tourism in Langu valley of Mugu with a focus on snow leopard conservation.This animal is surely an asset for the people of Himalayas.

1. Distributed along the northern border of Nepal, the largest populations occurring in the western parts (Mustang, Mugu, Dolpo and Humla districts)

2. The Snow Leopard determines the fate of ecological and livelihood and has proven to be of high economic value when linked with tourism

3. Conservation has been threatened due to centralized system of conservation efforts in Nepal.