The mission of Pandora’s Aquarium is to facilitate peer support, provide education, and offer resources to victims of sexual violence and their friends and family.

1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will be the victim of sexual violence at some point in their lifetimes. Despite these high statistics, survivors are often locked in silence and feel isolated. We believe that no one should face the healing journey alone, and that everyone deserves support.

Pandora's Aquarium's programs include:

1) Online Support Community: Survivors can find support and resources through our message board and chat room. Since its inception, more than 16,000 users have registered accounts, and registrations continue to grow. Using the message board, survivors can participate in organized healing discussion, chat, and blog about struggles and triumphs.

2) Guest Speakers: At least quarterly, the chat room hosts guest speakers who provide information and field questions about their areas of expertise. These popular chats are geared toward sexual violence recovery, and speakers have included healing inspirations, authors, and activists. Recent speakers were Wendy Maltz, MSW, a therapist and author of The Sexual Healing Journey: A Guide for Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Patti Levin, PsyD, an expert on trauma therapy and EMDR.

3) Lending Library: Pandora's Aquarium supports a lending library of materials about sexual assault. It is available free of charge to survivors, supporters, educators, researchers and therapists.

6) Retreats: Pandora's Aquarium will host its first recovery-oriented retreat in fall of 2009. The weekend promises to be healing for the 35 survivors who will benefit from programming that stresses growth and connections.

1. Peer support is essential to healing from sexual violence, and all victims deserve free support 24/7.

2. Resources should be available to all survivors, regardless of their ability to pay.

3. Survivors are not alone, and recovery from sexual violence is possible.

4. Learn more at http://www.pandys.org or http://www.SexualAssaultLibrary.org