Rest in Peace Kayleigh

With a very heavy heart, I wanted to let all of you know that Kayleigh died last night. Please keep the Freeman family in your thoughts and prayers. God bless you all. Thank you for loving, supporting and praying for sweet Kayleigh.

Please pray for the Freeman's

Good Morning everyone, As many of you know the Freeman family received davastating news last week. Kayleigh did not get enough oxygen to her brain either before, during or after her surgery. She is brain dead. She is now experiencing some swelling of the…Read More

Kayleigh needs a Miracle

Kayleigh needs a miracle. Please visit her blog to read Adam's post. Part of her brain has stopped working. Dr's are using the term brain dead. Please pray for a miracle for this precious little girl. God bless you all.

Raffle Information Please go and view the Blog and help in any way that you can, and have a chance to win some great items which many have donated to also help this family who is desperately in need of all of our help

Message from Adam Freeman regarding raffle to help save their home and car

Aubrey and Katie are two Kayleigh blog followers who have gotten together to design a program where people can donate a small portion and their name will be entered to win awesome giveaway packages. These packages are LOADED with awesome items for everyone to…Read More

Cause: Fight to Save Kayleigh's Family's Home & Car

Hi Everyone, The Freeman's need our help. They are about to lose their home and their car. They already have a foreclosure date set for their home. Some of Kayleigh's close friends/supporters have created a cause called Fight to Save Kayleigh's Family's Home…Read More

The Freeman's television interview

Hi Everyone, Please take a minute to watch this interview. The Freeman's did for a local tv news station. I have attached a link at the end of this message. The Freeman's are about to lose their house. I am asking all of you ; if you can help them in any way…Read More
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