Cycling dad finds son in Netherlands - the ongoing story

PLEASE SUPPORT THE AJT FUND — in the name of justice.*

In April 2008 a 3-year-old Australian child was abducted by his mother from his home and family and hidden in Europe. For nearly 3 years he lived as a fugitive in several countries, learning aliases, having his appearance changed, attending schools while trying to communicate in a language he didn't know, and often sharing cramped living quarters in women’s shelters or underground religious refuges. Hard to believe, but true.
The boy's father, Ken Thompson, kept his son's bedroom ready at his home in Australia, desperately trying to find his boy while still fulfilling his important role as Deputy Fire Commissioner of NSW.

In May 2010, having served the community as a decorated firefighter for over 37 years, Ken quit his job and took his bicycle to Europe, vowing not to stop his search until his son was found. Four months, 6,500 kms and 9 countries later, against all odds, he found his son in Amsterdam.

So far, so good! A miracle, in fact.

But now for the second half of the story.

As anyone who has done the rounds of courts for any extended period knows, the price of justice is extremely high. Not just financially, but emotionally. Many a litigant or defendant has been broken on the Wheel of Justice as it grinds away slowly and expensively. Rather than immediately bringing his son home to resume the life he'd been denied, Ken spent 5 months in litigation in the Netherlands, much of it due to his estranged wife, then incarcerated in a Dutch prison, opposing Ken's legal efforts to have his son returned. Thankfully the Netherlands courts eventually ordered the child's return to Australia with his dad.

Now a new round of litigation is under way in Australia. It could continue for months—or years. Following her extradition from the Netherlands, Ken's estranged wife continues with her legal actions from prison in Australia. Her family has 'deep pockets'. Can you help ensure that the money Ken intends to use for the welfare, support and the upbringing of his son remains intact and is not eroded by the necessity of responding to the mother's continuing litigation?

Any amount is good. It is not tax deductible.

It is just a random act of kindness.

You can bank/electronically transfer your support from any country in the world, in any currency by going to:
Within AUSTRALIA (in person to a NAB bank or via electronic funds transfer)
Acct name: AJT Fund BSB: 083184 Account number: 195550095

From OVERSEAS (via electronic funds transfer)
Acct name: AJT Fund BSB: 083184 Account number: 195550095
Swift Code: NATAAU330S
Branch address: 224-228 Smith St, Collingwood. Victoria. 3066

Thank you.

For further information or to receive updates email: [email protected]

*This fund has been established by friends of Ken Thompson. It is not a charity but is subject to fiduciary scrutiny. All donations will be used for the welfare of AJT.

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