Congratulations Ken for winning the Father's Day Trophy 2011 in The Netherlands

(Dutch to English translation)

June 17, 2011 - Dutch Father's Day Trophy winners M / F 2011

The Australian father, Ken Thompson and the Dutch police officer and father Benjamin Wondergem from the Dutch Haaglanden Police and his partner Astrid jointly win the Father's Day Trophy M / F 2011.

The Australian father Ken Thompson won the Father's Day Trophy for his tireless years of searching for his son Andrew, who was abducted to Europe by the mother and who eventually found back in the Netherlands, in which he cycled 6500 km through Europe and started the innovative media campaign 'Find Andrew' to find his son. See for further information the website 'Find Andrew' by father Ken Thompson at

And policeman Benjamin Wondergem of Police Haaglanden and his partner Astrid won the trophy for opening up their home and family and welcomed and provided support to father Ken and son Andrew, so that a displaced father from Australia and his new found son could build on restoring their father-son relationship in the Netherlands in normal home and family conditions.

Special mention according to the jury should be given to the fact that - contrary to general imaging - the Dutch child protection office, the Amsterdam Bureau for Youth Care and the Dutch police and the Ministry of Justice, supported the father and his new found son professionally and with care and attention, focussing on contact recovery between father and son, taking without restraint a gender neutral and professional stand.

For the full jury report by the independent jury of the Dutch Father's Day Trophy m/f chaired by Em. professor of family pedagogy Louis Tavecchio says about the winners of the Father's Day Trophy m/f 2011 see the website of the video presentation and trophy at:

The issued trophy of Father's Day Trophy w / v consists of a sculpture and a painting by child pedagogist, father and artist Joep Zander.

In the video you will first see the announcement of the winner by the jury secretary Peter Tromp. Afterwards you will see the awarding of the prize by the chairman of the jury Em. Prof. Louis Tavecchio to the policeman and father Benjamin Wondergem from Dutch Police Haaglanden. Then you will see a short interview with Benjamin Wondergem and his partner Astrid by Charlotte Lemmens, the chairman of the Symposium "Fatherhood in diversity ' in Amsterdam, where the trophy was issued on Friday June 17. Finally you can see a video call by Skype connection from the symposium venue between Benjamin Wondergem and Astrid with father Ken Thompson in New South Wales, Australia.

Jury Secretary Peter Tromp, Dutch Father Knowledge Centre, June 17, 2011

(Father's Day Trophy w / v is the initiative of the Father Knowledge Centre in collaboration IkVader and the University of Amsterdam. The prize is awarded around Father's Day every year by an independent jury chaired by Prof. LWC Tavecchio awarded to individuals or organizations in the past year have distinguished in the field of fatherhood.)

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