Update on Ken and Andrew

With all the drama of the past 4 weeks I've barely had time to log-on to Facebook & I apologise for not responding sooner to everyone's wonderful words expressing their happiness at Andrew being found.

I am still in Amsterdam & have just started working through several complex legal processes to begin the process of Andrew returned to Australia. At this stage I don't know how long that will take.

Andrew is still in the care of the Dutch child protection agency but he & I now see each other regularly. He loves every visit & doesn't want them to end.

I feel so sad about what he's been through - particularly now that I know more about it - but I feel so proud about how much he resisted everyone's attempts to turn into someone he isn't.

Andrew is being supported through the process of re-establishing his relationship with me by a team of child psychologists who are helping him work through some difficult issues that a six year old child should never have to deal with but he's a strong & determined little boy & he's making great progress.

Andrew's mother (Melinda) is still being held in custody in The Netherlands & the Australian Government has requested she be extradited to face charges in Australia.

I am looking forward to the day when Andrew & I can begin to do some normal things that dads & their kids do the world over. Things like riding bicycles together (maybe not 6500 km though); kicking a ball in a park; looking at cars & motorbikes, & exploring nature.

In the meantime Andrew & I will do the best we can together under the circumstances. At least we're reunited & that's a big step forward.

Many thanks again to everyone who followed the Global Search for Andrew on Facebook & who are still following the latest developments. Despite attempts by some lawyers to have it shut down, I'm still keeping the website & the blog that's linked to it up-to-date for anyone who wants to keep informed.

Ken & Andrew

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