To facilitate in the healing of the Wounded Soldiers in Walter Reed Medical Center.

We travel to Walter Reed once a month to deliver different items to the Wounded Soldiers. We have delivered pumpkin pies during the holidays, tear away pants to give those with leg injuries ways to dress themselves, Renuzit Crystal Elements to make their hospital rooms feel more like home, neck massagers for those with back and neck injuries, music DVD's to those that are catatonic, diapers for families with children, and much more. Currently, due to the housing provided, there is a lack of space and every day items for the families and their recuperating loved ones. Our long term goal is to provide a building just outside of Walter Reed that provides suites for the wounded and their families with all the necessities for long term recuperation.

Wish List...

Gift Cards: McDonalds, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Target, Sears

Gas Gift Cards for use on short term leave time.
Electronic games, music, dvd's, portable DVD players, Ipods

Tear Away pants for those with leg wounds

Zippered Hooded Sweatshirts

PJ's for men and women (M, L, XL)

Cookies, cakes, pies, snack items, microwave popcorn

Toiletries, playing cards, magazines, stamps, paper, envelopes

Renuzit Crystal Elements

Weight lifting gloves (for wheelchair bound patients)

Brushes, ponytail holders

Diapers, pull ups, baby wipes

Ear Buds to listen to music

Monetary donations are desperately needed to provide items requested upon our visit that are not in our inventory. (ex: slipper socks, wallets, boxes for storage and organization). These are requests that are not needed by everyone, but are specific requests by those in the hospital.

1. To help provide a relaxing and warm environment for our wounded Soldiers while they heal.

2. To stimulate our wounded Soldier's healthy senses during their recovery.

3. To facilitate the speedy recovery of our wounded Soldier's injured senses.