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A day for Rememberance and to say Thank You

To all our veterans both past & present.
For your service, dedication and willingness to stand in harms way for our freedom, I Thank You.
God Bless America and all who stood in her defense.
You are not forgotten on this Memorial Day.

I ask all to take a moment out of their busy Memorial Day to remember those that made this day possible. Take some time today to seek out a veteran and thank them for their service.
"Thank You For Your Service"...just five simple words...the most meaningful words you will speak all day...for both of you.

A teenager, who has an unbelievable understanding & compassion for those who protect our freedom, made this video 2 years ago at the young age of only 15 years old. Please view this to get a better insight on why I feel it’s an honor spending so much of my time riding & standing with the fantastic men/women of the Patriot Guard Riders. This has been posted on the Patriot Guard Rider Causes Media Board, but I felt it was appropriate for this special day.

Thank you all for joining together in support of our veterans on this Memorial Day.

Wayne Lamon
Proud Patriot Guard Rider


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