To provide a safe and supportive environment through which LGBT people, their families and friends in Racine and Kenosha can access needed community, educational, social, and health-related services.

Midwestern communities like Racine and Kenosha represent the full spectrum of American society at its best and worst. Despite the key roles that LGBT community centers can play in cities and counties like ours, most centers are small, poor, and inadequately funded. Homophobia and gender identity discrimination now account for between 20-40% of homeless youth, higher rates of depression and suicide, isolation for elders, and limited legal rights for LGBT people and their families.

1. Civil rights, social equality, and justice should belong to all.

2. We are committed to diversity, community building, dignity, and empowerment.

3. Our LGBT Center seeks to foster acceptance, support, and synergy with our community and its organizations.