To spread awareness about domestic violence, assist those who have been victimized and empower those that are survivors.

I am a survivor of domestic violence. At first it was verbal, then one day it became physical. I was fortunate to get out, safely. There is a tremendous need for shelters to enable a safe exit when victims find the courage to leave. When my situation was at a head, there was a three week waiting period for a shelter. For a victim of domestic violence, three weeks, could be the difference of life and death. This has got to change, when one in four women fall victim to DV, you can no longer turn your head and look the other way. Chances are you know someone that is a victim or has been. Help spread the word, someone's life could depend on it.

1. Create awareness regarding Domestic Violence.

2. Provide assistance to women, children and men who have been victimized.

3. Support those that were victims that were able to get out of their violent situations.