Send a Northern Nevada Teen to YoungLife Camp!

Hi all, Northern Nevada YoungLife is excited to join Causes and create a new campaign called, "Send a Northern Nevada Teen to YoungLife Camp!"  Help Northern Nevada teens from YoungLife and WyldLife experience the fun, excitement, and thrill of attending…Read More

re: YL support

as a member of the "younglife in the harbor" facebook cause, i wanted to let you know about our upcoming YL banquet. many of you already know about it and have responded but i am trying to make sure we "cover" everyone. on sunday, march 8th at either 3pm or…Read More

re: young life in the harbor

Hi Everyone, Thanks for supporting Young Life in the harbor on facebook. I wanted to update you on a few things to ask for you to be praying for us: 1. Tonight - combined campaigners - we're meeting with all the high school campaigner kids to talk about…Read More

re: young life

thanks for being a part of supporting young life in gig harbor. i just wanna tell you that i'm thankful for so many friends who believe in the work that we're doing. what an amazing opportunity we all have in these trying times to be able to bring a great…Read More

re: malibu in the snow

You've gotta go to my facebook profile and check out the pictures of malibu a few weeks ago. It's amazing. I know you're gonna love it. Thanks again for supporting young LIfe in the harbor! it's awesome to have so many friends that are behind what we're…Read More

re: end of the year

Thanks for supporting Young Life in Gig Harbor. As we end the year, I want to encourage you to reflect on the goodness of the Lord to us this past year. Even though its been a tough year in many ways, I know that the Lord has had His hand on us and we can…Read More

Happy New Year?

Has this been a "happy" year for you? My guess is that for many of us, it's not so much that it's HAPPY as that it's JOYFUL. I've found that in the middle of challenges like the ones facing our country right now and the ones facing so many of us as…Read More
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