Before the STRIPES fade away..!!

I’m a Tiger, I’m the BAAGH, as most of you may know I’m here to tell you all a story, its not very interesting though Its about me, about my species, its about where today I stand Its about some questions I’m jumbled up with, few answers that I can’t…Read More

Ranthambore - The Stripes Continue to Surprise

In February,2011 a tragedy to all the Tiger Lovers hit Ranthambore Tiger Reserve when the Kachida Tigress, T-5 died leaving her 2 cubs (hardly 3 months old) on their own. Tiger cubs are dependent on their mother for almost 2 years(24months) for everything.…Read More

Another jewel of mother earth lost to the atrocities of humans!

The Formosan clouded leopard, a subspecies of clouded leopard native to Taiwan, has probably been extinct for decades. But in the weird red-tape world of species extinction, it doesn't count until scientists make it official. After 13 years of searching with…Read More

How did the Tiger get its Stripes?

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The Forest Owlet- Living on the Edge

Living On The Edge- An initiative by Tiger Protection Group to make you aware of the CRITICALLY ENDANGERED species of the world that are walking on the brinks of extinction today.  This week we bring you the Forest Owlet.  Thought to be extinct for over 100…Read More

Tiger is the most adaptive cat species in the World. Ever wondered why?

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Happy Earth Day! How would you like to celebrate it?

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