Before the STRIPES fade away..!!

I’m a Tiger, I’m the BAAGH, as most of you may know
I’m here to tell you all a story, its not very interesting though
Its about me, about my species, its about where today I stand
Its about some questions I’m jumbled up with, few answers that I can’t understand

I’m the so called “National Animal” of India, but do you treat me like the one?
You make dozens of plans to save me everyday, but why are they always undone
You say I’m majestic, ferocious, the BIG CAT, star-of-your-show
But when you hunt me, poach me, cut me into pieces, where does all this admiration go?
My body parts are used in MEDICINES, ‘cause you believe there is something it can cure
You’re creative enough to make WINE out of me, a DRESS, even a CARPET on your floor

The way you’re wiping down the greens, even in my habitat, I fear to roam
I’m no more the king of my territory, ZOO is my new home
From LACS to THOUSANDS to HUNDREDS, the numbers just continue to drop
I can see my end on the horizon, I’m just all out of hope

I know some of you do understand, but are you doing enough to make others realize?
You say my beauty is PRICELESS, then why my body’s still got a PRICE?
The almighty made you the best, expecting something good out of you
And here you are standing in BILLIONS, and we! We are just a FEW
Before my species becomes the next DINOSAUR, before the STRIPES fade away
Before TIGER becomes a history, there’s something I’d like to say

“Its not the time to play blame-games, not the time for rights or wrongs...
‘Cause by the time you will realize it, I’ll be all long gone...
Together you can make a difference, only you can change my world...
CO-EXISTENCE is a reality my friends, its not just a random word..!!”


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