Ranthambore - The Stripes Continue to Surprise

In February,2011 a tragedy to all the Tiger Lovers hit Ranthambore Tiger Reserve when the Kachida Tigress, T-5 died leaving her 2 cubs (hardly 3 months old) on their own.
Tiger cubs are dependent on their mother for almost 2 years(24months) for everything. This created a little worry for the forest department and Wildlife Lovers. The authorities were trying real hard to keep these cubs alive by providing them food and monitoring them but they had all the reasons to be afraid that the cubs will not make it much longer.
Few days back, the authorities discovered pugmarks of the cubs along with the marks and signs of a male Tiger. They were in deep worries 'cause a male Tiger normally kills the cubs to mate with the Tigress or due to territorial threats. Only a female Tiger is known to raise and protect her cubs all by herself. Pugmarks of the male Tiger made the authorities think that a Tiger is following the cubs for preying upon them.
For a clearer picture of the situation, authorities put camera traps in the area which brought excitement and curiosity to all the Experts across the globe. The male Tiger was identified as T-25, AKA dollar or Zalim, who is roaming around with the cubs instead of hunting them. In fact, the male is protecting them and has even reduced his territory for the same. He shares his kills with the cubs and doesn't even takes the food provided to the cubs by the authorities.
It reveals a new chapter in the books of Tiger's social behavior and has made Ranthambore a new learning experience for Wildlife Experts. From hunting a massive Crocodile to the cubs being raised by a male, Ranthambore has always been a center of attraction and the Stripes of Ranthambore continue to surprise Wildlife Lovers across the globe.
Story courtesy: Mr.Balendu Singh

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