Let's Raise a Voice

Who are we?
Tiger Protection Group (TPG) is an NGO working towards tiger conservation in order to put a stop and sustain the already dwindling population of tiger in our country. Tiger is the national animal of our country but if we all look at the picture today, the rate at which it is diminishing there will be no tigers left in India very soon and it is evident from the example of Sariska and Buxa where tigers become locally extinct. Tiger Protection Group is an organization consisting of a group of young people sharing the same ideology to save our national pride before it becomes extinct.
Tiger Protection Group or TPG as we say it is an organization aiming towards Tiger Conservation in our country. Most of us think that hundreds of such organizations have come and gone in the past, what will this bunch of youngsters change??
We are here to make a change. We are here to do our bit. We are here to raise a voice. Like any other living creature Tigers too have equal rights to live and sustain themselves and that is important for our sustenance. But, the human today has become ruthless. It sees no life in front of his profit. We are here to make an effort and help save the tigers. TPG wants to work in collaboration with the government along with the support of the people.
We want the YOUTH to get involved and fight the final war to save the Tiger. This needs a change from the traditional and conventional way of conservation to an aggressive one.
The statistics say that around 1411* tigers are left in India but the actual number is even less. It won’t be long when this number touches zero. Do you really want this to happen?? We have already had a change in our national animal in the past, do you want that again??? And that is why we say LET’S RAISE A VOICE!