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NCAJ needs your help to contact your local legislators and voice your support for Senate Bill 679 and House Bill 813.

North Carolina is one of only five jurisdictions that retain the antiquated doctrine of contributory negligence where a plaintiff whose negligence makes the slightest contribution to his injury is barred from recovering any damages against the tortfeasor. The other 46 states have adopted some form of comparative fault, allocating damages based on the degree of fault among the plaintiff and the defendants.

The Uniform Apportionment of Tort Responsibility Act (UATRA) is one of the Four Reforms for Justice NCAJ is focusing on during this legislative session.

Senate Bill 679 (UATRA) was filed by Primary Sponsor Sen. Pete Brunstetter on 3/18 with Co-Sponsors Sens. Dan Clodfelter, Fletcher Hartsell, Josh Stein, John Snow and Richard Stevens. You can see the full bill and follow S679 at

House Bill 813 (UATRA) was filed by Primary Sponsors Sens. Glazier, Ross, Blust and Stiller on 3/25 with Co-Sponsors Reps. Faison, Arrison, Lucas and Mackey. You can see the full bill and follow H813 at

NCAJ's leadership sincerely believes that the time and climate in NC are finally right to overturn contrib. NCAJ's legislative team is doing its best to position each of our agenda items so they have the best possible chance of being passed. Your assistance in helping us achieve that goal is greatly appreciated. Please find your legislators' contact info at and thank them for their support of S679 and H813 today.

Thank you.

-Kerry Sutton
Attorney at Law
NCAJ Memberhsip VP

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