try save her life and make sure she has a voice

hey everyone m y name is filicia and a close friend of mine is in desperate need of help she is 27 years old she epileptic and is diabetic, in august she was having odd symptom she had a low eye and the doctor precribed her eye drops come september 7th the low eye resulted in a serious stroke. now this has been very serious, this has gone to court, consent and capasity board . she has 2 young sons in which need her mother. her foster parents have put a DNR on her she is improving but no one is believeing it. doctor and her family are saying she is in a coma . but when i go see her she smiles gives high fives got her to laugh once she listen to music . i would like this to reach media attention how can we as human allow someones life be taking away if i may ask to make as many ppl join this as possible we need major help right now this is very serious please join if you have adviice please give it. any question just ask.

marylou is doing good her eye to hand coordination is improving majorly she is feeding herself , she is able to hold her head straight by herserlf shes been moving quite a bit, found out she was ticklish ......she laughs!!!!! ( emontion major improvement ) but i still need everyone to spread the word please just get everyone to join please please

1. lets help someone that cant help her self right now