New September Campaign videos from charity: water.

Our fifth anniversary September Campaign ( is underway and we need your help! This year, we're funding a brand new drilling rig ( that can bring clean water to 40,000 more people each year…Read More


yea, just party... and remember to get drunk. This way world scientists can have more hung over subjects to conduct their experiments on... remember, you are helping in making the world a better and happier place!

we now shall get drunk and expect no hangover

well, to celebrate that we have passed the 1000 member barrier, I exhort every member to go out and party and each find out a way to avoid the hangover. Then, post on the wall if it was effective or not. This is because today I received a call from an…Read More

today's news

yesterday we got massively drunk. And we got there courtesy of a drinking game involving the movie Beerfest. The thing is, I woke up today at 4 pm, with no hangover! could this be a miracle or the fact that I slept like 10 hours or so??? only the scientist…Read More

Breaking News

We are almost 500 members, this means there's a lot of interest in the finding of that cure.... HEAR THAT, SCIENTISTS OF THE WORLD????? On a related note, yesterday I got hammered again and this morning I dont have a hangover. All I did was wake up very…Read More


we reached 200 members! we are well on our way and doing our part in the finding of a much needed cure. I've had about 6 bad hangovers since founding the coallition and each day I'm more convinced of the importance of this matter! Hungover people of the world…Read More

Latest News

here is where the Coallition Administration will post the events as they unfold. Our sources overseas have gotten the information that when our cause reaches 1,000 members, free booze will fall from the sky and we just might not have a hang over the day…Read More
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