In Kentucky, and support Gay Marriage?

Help this country high school kid take his group from 2,000 members to his goal of 15,000 members!

Share your feelings on DOMA with the KFA, or with Someone

Have you wondered why the KFA is quiet when it comes to asking Congressman Yarmuth to support the Respect Marriage Act? Well, here's the skinny... In response to my proposal that we approach the Congressman as a statewide coalition respecting what he's done…Read More

Video Montage of Speeches from National Equality March

Hey folks, Here's the best of the best of the speeches during the rally following the National Equality March: Note how Cynthia Nixon commends her Rep. Jerry Nadler for introducing the…Read More

We're getting closer...


Rep. Nadler (D-NY) introduced the Respect Marriage Act this morning! This Act would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DoMA). While greatful for Rep. Nadler's courageous move, I'm asking you now to urge our Representative John Yarmuth (D-KY) to pledge his…Read More

Legislation to repeal DOMA may be introduced as early as next week.

Just got this email from the HRC that's pretty exciting but includes a call to action for all us Doma-repealers! Dear Curtis 50,000 of you took our survey on how the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) harms families. And with Congress back in session this week,…Read More

Thursday Radio Alert!

Live on State of Affairs (89.3 WFPL) at 1PM Thursday, they'll be talking to Louisville's gay community to find out what we want next. Of course they'll be discussing the Statewide Fairness Amendment, but what a great opportunity to call on John Yarmuth to…Read More
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