Back to Stop the Bailout for Planned Parenthood!

With a potentially filibuster proof congress...

Now more than ever we need to come together in unity and help educate the American public pertaining to the issue of abortion in order to help sway our representative members of congress.

Using labels like liberal or conservative and making assumptions that all Republicans are Pro-Life & all Democrats are pro-death only serve to divide & weaken our efforts in my humble opinion. Let's keep our attention on the issues.

Word has it there are about 12 Democrats in Congress that will not vote in favor of a health care plan that directly or indirectly helps to pay for abortion. We need to get behind and support folks like these.

The other folks that are key in this fight are Pro-Life Heath Care Providers and now more than ever we need to get behind and support them as well.

Please join & Support this cause now >

Blessings in Christ,

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