2009 Donations

Today is the last day to donate and receive a tax credit for 2009. It's easy. Donate right here on Facebook. Care about using the arts to make a difference for Christ? Here's one way to make it a priority. May you enjoy a blessed 2010! Lauren Yarger

Ways to Support Us

Masterworks is an official charity supported by Givenik, through your purchase of Broadway an Off-Broadway tickets (we et 5 percent of each purchase, which you get at a discount!) Visit http://www.givenik.com/?code=Masterworks to see which shows are…Read More

Christian Theater Reviews

Reviews coming for Pal Joey, Soul of Shaolin, The American Plan; Hedda Gabler. Reviews posted for Shrek, James Barbour's concert at Sardi's, Slava's Snow Show, Liza's at the Palace...,Billy Elliot, Amerissiah; Cirque du Soleil's…Read More
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