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LOL for Wiccans

So as most of you know I had a presentation to give on Wicca yesterday for my final at college. I gave this huge speel about our of threefold return, the rede, we don't believe satan exists, nature is sacred.ect....
IMMEDIATLEY following my speech a born-again Christian gets up to do a speech on her religion and goes on a tangent of how she has gone through so much bad stuff in her life.

She cut herself, she was sexually abused, she was depressed, unpopular...ect. Then she says to the class,
"and i was into witchcraft. My mom said it was the work of the devil.....she was right. I started seeing bad things and visions"...LOL RIGHT AFTER I PRESENTED TELLING PPL THAT SATAN DOESN'T EXIST I AM SUPPOSEDLY WORKING FOR A NONEXISTANT ENTITY!!!!

everyone in the class just stared at me as i chuckled. (she avoided my eye contact....then she bashed gays/lesbians. by the end of her speech everyone was not paying attention to her.

Win for us. at leat i did my presentation Be

BTW i have no problem with Christians or neone else i just don't like ppl bashing my religion :)


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