5 Years Have Passed

So as I said earlier on another page, I woke up this morning during the night and glanced at the bedside clock, and it was the same time 5 years ago that you left us. The hurt doesn't lessen, the loss doesn't decrease, nothing gets easier... We just get…Read More

Cares for Claire

Apologies for not having posted for so long, but the link to 'Causes' was removed from Facebook and for some time it appeared that the group had been deleted. Mikayla now has a baby brother! Jayden Andrew was born on the 24th of October '13 and Emily (now 2…Read More

Happy birthday for the 2nd

Happy 11th birthday big girl! It made me sad that this was one of the very few times I was able to be home for your birthday and we were not together, but it was good to be home with your sisters and Mommy. Emily is now 6 months old and saying 'gaga' (I…Read More

Emily Rose

Emily is now 3.5 months old and Zoe is as wonderful a big sister to her as you were to Zoe. She loves her so much and is so proud of her. She still talks about you often when she loks at your photograps and asks about you. She misses you as much as we do my…Read More

2 years since you've been gone.

Mikki Moo. You were the light of our lives and when you left, we didn't understand. We miss you more with each day that passes and each time we see a dragonfly, we are reminded that you are watching over us. Mikayla, I hope and pray that today of all days,…Read More

One year and 11 months

Mikki Moo. We miss you lots every single day. One more month and you have been gone for 2 years... it seems unreal, but the feelings are still the same. Since you passed, more of our family have joined you up there, Uncle Eric being the last. I hope you found…Read More

Love you

Hello my princess. Your little sister started school last week and she was SO impresed to be at 'your' school. She and Mrs B are firm friends and she knows where to find the friendship bench with your name on it. She and Sasha-Lee are in the same class and…Read More
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